Serpent ‘relieved’ charges dismissed

Observer NewsCo Managing Director Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watts (Photo by Observer media)
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By Kadeem Joseph

[email protected]

Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watts said he is “relieved it’s all over” after charges against him were dismissed in court on Wednesday morning, ending a legal ordeal lasting over a year.

The charges surrounded an alleged fracas dating back to July 1 2019 between the Observer NewsCo managing director, who is now the United Progressive Party candidate for St George, and former education minister Michael Browne.

Following a complaint by Browne to the police and subsequent investigations, Watts was slapped with four charges; disorderly conduct, using indecent language, using threatening language and assault.

The well-known radio personality said, “I don’t even know how I feel because I don’t feel like those charges should have been brought against me in the first place and the evidence brought that out as well.”

Watts’ attorney, Kenny Kentish of Lake and Kentish, said Browne had alleged that his client had threatened him but the evidence did not support the claim.

“All of the charges were dismissed on a no-case submission because the court felt satisfied that the evidence produced by the prosecution could not support any of those charges,” he said.

Kentish added that while Browne, the virtual complainant, had given evidence during court proceedings, the court did not find that the evidence he gave supported his claims and it was on this basis that the case was dismissed by Magistrate Conliffe Clarke.

The lawyer said he is doubtful that there will be any future charges generated from the incident.

The case had seen several adjournments for varying reasons in the timespan leading up to Wednesday’s ruling.

When asked if there were plans to pursue damages now that he was exonerated, Watts said he would have to lean on the advice of his attorney.

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