See something, say something: Where is Juvere Christopher?

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It has been nearly two weeks since Juvere Christopher disappeared but up to late yesterday lawmen were still stumped for clues to find the Swetes resident who was last seen on February 25th.
Since he was reported missing by his mother, Corporal Shenette Morton, multiple search warrants were executed at several homes and police have arrested and questioned over half a dozen people.
But all have been released so far, except a Bethesda man they detained on Wednesday. But he has not been charged with any offence and the search of his home yielded nothing, a police source said.
The investigators have meanwhile seized cellular phones from people who last spoke with Christopher, according to their call records. The also recovered his BMW motorcycle from a stranger’s yard a week ago.
The man who was found with the bike last week claimed he bought it recently, while the individuals who were detained have all denied knowledge of the 27-year-old man’s whereabouts.
Christopher was last seen around 6 p.m. on Monday February 25th wearing a white t-shirt and khaki shorts.
The young man is about five-feet, five-inches tall, brown in complexion, slimly built, with braided hair, and weighing about 130 pounds.
The police said residents can call the Criminal Investigations Department at 464-3937 or 462-3913 or 462-3914 to report anything they know about Juvere Christopher’s disappearance.

Juvere Christopher (Photo courtesy Corporal Shenette Morton)

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