Scores of skulls and carcasses found at illegal slaughtering site

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The skulls of over 100 goats and sheep were discovered at an unsanitary, illegal slaughtering site in Perry Bay between Thursday night and Friday morning and so far, two people are being questioned by police about the suspected theft and killing of the animals.
Several farmers were brought to tears upon visiting the site on invitation of the police and the National Livestock Association which called upon them to assist in identifying any remains or other items found in the area which reeked of rotting carcasses and was covered with flies.
Emanuel Peters, who heads the National Livestock Association, was on the scene when OBSERVER media went there around mid-morning yesterday.
He said the police contacted him at approximately 6 a.m. yesterday to share the news of the shocking discovery and to ask his assistance in getting farmers together to help advance the investigation.
 “They did a sting Thursday] around the former Ribbit Night Club about 6 o’clock and they found three guys, two ran and one was apprehended. But they actually saw a whole bunch of carcasses, and four carcasses as well partially skinned were also taken as evidence,” he said.
Peters said he was “appalled” when he went to the site yesterday.
“It’s a lot more than what I expected, where we found hundreds of heads of animals, some identified, some unidentifiable,” he added.
In addition to that, he explained that livestock farmers have been suffering at the hands of thieves and not much has been done by the police – at least not until Thursday’s bust.
In one case, a farmer who had up to 350 livestock, is now down to 27 as the animals have been “disappearing overnight.”
Peters said this situation has been putting consumers at risk because in some instances, the animals were just dewormed and had antibiotics in their systems, which cannot be good for consumption by humans.
“I am appalled to see how comfortable these guys were that they actually have a site where they come and kill,” he said, while pointing out that one of the carcasses found at the illegal slaughtering site was a female which was pregnant and due to deliver within days.
The kids were left behind, dead.
Peters said a lack of support from citizens, restaurants and supermarkets is resulting in the rampant theft and illegal sale of
the meat from the animals which clearly, were not slaughtered under the correct conditions.
In his view, if the supermarkets, restaurants and people generally refuse to buy the meat from the thieves and unrecognised sellers, there would be no market for the thieves to thrive in.
However, he said systems are coming on board in the very near future to address this vexing issue and soon, more offenders will be caught and there will be consequences.
Over the next few days, farmers will continue to collaborate with the police in this particular investigation in an effort to identify more of the items recovered from the site to include ropes, tags, collars and carcasses among other things.
 “Farmers are completely fed up with animals being stolen,” he emphasized, “The next stage is in the police hands…the charges and people connected with this site will hopefully be prosecuted,” he said.
On Thursday evening, when the police observed three men coming from the site, they pursued them, catching at least one, while the others escaped.
Lawmen from varying departments are collaborating to investigate the matter.
One farmer who identified himself as “Sheppie” said the situation had gotten so bad that sometimes farmers have an urge to take the law into their own hands, but they refrain because they are cognizant there would be consequences for their actions too.

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