Sanitation worker injured on the job

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A sanitation worker will be at home for at least two months recovering from an injury he sustained in a freak accident involving the garbage truck he was assigned to.
Conroy “Monkey” Isaac of Bendals was rushed to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre on Tuesday morning after he was hit by the vehicle that was at a standstill when he started walking behind it.
A source at the scene of the accident said that two male sanitation workers were collecting garbage while the driver was sitting behind the steering wheel when the truck jolted back and knocked Isaac to the ground. The impact dislocated his left leg.
“The truck was at the bottom of the hill close to Sunny Dale School, it was in a position to drive up the hill towards the other private school. The truck jumped back, and he fell, he seemed to have been in a lot of pain,” the source said.
The injured man’s colleagues rushed to his aid and the Emergency Medical Service were summoned to the scene.
Isaac was transported to the hospital where his knee was put back in place.
The sanitation worker was kept for observation overnight and he was released from the hospital yesterday.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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