Sand mining continues; destruction continues

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Marine Biologist and environmentalist, John Mussington, is frustrated and disappointed that the government continues to conduct sand mining on Barbuda after numerous complaints.
“It’s basically a situation where nothing, apparently, anyone in the general public says, can dissuade the authorities from continuing the destruction,” Mussington told OBSERVER media after reports that several tons of sand was removed from the island.
Mussington explained that sand mining on the island of Barbuda has been practised for years and has been destroying the environment. According to him, the government made several promises to cease the practice but has never lived up to the agreement.
The environmentalist disclosed that last weekend there was “literally round-the-clock movement of sand.”
“It’s looking as though it is futile because as a Barbudan, I can tell you the policy which the government seems to be taking is that we don’t have any say in anything; they don’t pay us any attention; they don’t include us,” Mussington said.
“The government seems to have a problem in terms of what its priority is, and the people of Barbuda do not appear to be a priority, that area that is being mined is actually in a declared national park,” he added.
Mussington explained that mining could lead to devastating effects if the island faces another storm but the government seems unconcerned.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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