Sailing absent as 19 associations make good on sports awards nominations

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By Neto Baptiste

Three national associations failed to meet last Friday’s deadline for the submission of their nominees for February’s Vita Malt National Sports Awards.

Most noticeable amongst those failing to meet the December 6th deadline was the Antigua and Barbuda Sailing Association. Sailing, after hosting the 2019 Optimist World Championship from 6th -16th July, would have been in the running for the association of the year award while a number of young sailors would have performed well throughout the judging period.

The Antigua and Barbuda Warri Association and the Contract Bridge Association also failed to meet the nomination deadline. The warri association has been struggling with internal issues for some time now with president, Joel Carr, blaming disinterest by the majority of the body’s membership for their inactivity.

Also, there were no submissions from table tennis and handball, but the two bodies had long indicated to the Ministry of Sports that they would not be making nominations due to inactivity from a competition standpoint.

A total of 19 associations, however, made good on their nominations. Athletics, cricket, cycling, bodybuilding, softball cricket, boxing, swimming, golf, netball, football, draughts, tennis, triathlon, chess, volleyball, basketball, domino, fencing rifle were the sporting bodies that met last Friday’s deadline.

The 2019 Vita Malt National Sports Awards is scheduled for February 15th 2020 at a venue to be announced. Swimmer Stefano Mitchell and shot put athlete Jess St John were the male and female senior winners for 2018.

Tiger Tyson of sailing copped the junior male award, while Soniya Jones was the junior female winner. Edith Clashing of swimming was the official of the year, while Marlon Mack from athletics was the coach of the year.

Basketball’s Carlton Brodie won the top administrator award with Jason King of domino named the senior sportsman of the year. The Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Association captured the association of the year accolade.

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