Robbery victim recounts baseball bat attack

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Swelling and pain to the back of the head after he was robbed and beaten with a baseball bat on Saturday, sent Terry Viville back to the hospital yesterday for treatment.

The Belmont resident went to the hospital on the day of the incident but did not wait to be attended to because that was taking too long. Besides, the pain was subsiding and he was feeling “normal.”

When contacted yesterday around noon, he said he was again waiting to be treated, as the pain and swelling never went away. The victim reported that he was walking home along Briggins main road when he noticed a grey Toyota Vitz car driving slowly past him; then it stopped, turned around, and began driving slowly toward him again.

The incident reportedly occurred between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. Although he was suspicious, Viville said there was very little he could do to escape or protect himself on the lonely and poorly lit road. The car cut across him near a gutter and three men jumped out – one armed with a baseball bat, another with a cutlass, and the third wielding a boat paddle.

The men all had their faces covered, the victim recalled, and they wore dark clothing. One of them shouted, ““Ebryt’ing, gie ah we ebryt’ing cause right now ah we hungry.” He handed over his belongings and the bandits took away a blue Reebok knapsack containing his Dominican passport and other personal items.

They also snatched his gold chain from around his neck. Viville thought the ordeal was over since the trio had taken everything from him and it appeared they were about to walk away. But as he turned to walk away also, he felt a blow to the back of his head.

He had been struck with the baseball bat and fell to the ground. The muggers climbed back into their car and drove towards American Road, leaving Viville lying there injured and helpless. The victim recalled that it took a while to “catch” himself, but he eventually got up and went home before reporting the incident to the police.

He complained about pain as a result of the blow and the police noted the area above his neck was swollen. They gave him a medical form and told him to get treated at the hospital. Up to late yesterday his attackers had not been caught.

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