Road works set back by possible act of vandalism

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Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) on Wednesday reported yet another act of vandalism, following the discovery of a severed electrical cable on the Friars Hill Road work site which will delay repairs to the highway by at least a week.

Authorities at APUA are therefore warning offenders “to cease and desist from committing such malicious acts to the property of the Authority and the Road Rehabilitation Project.”

According to the report, which was made on behalf of the APUA Electricity Business Unit, a cable used in the underground wiring for the road rehabilitation project was discovered chopped and severed at 8:40 am by members of the company’s electricity crew.

APUA’s Public Relations Coordinator Sharifa George said a report was made to the police after the discovery and on-site work was halted on Wednesday while the workmen awaited the arrival of law enforcement.

Expressing serious disappointment regarding the incident, George said: “We suspect that this might be an act of vandalism which is a bit disheartening because the stakeholders for this project are far and wide, inclusive of road users and engineers and technicians. It touches every process and everybody.”

APUA also said that it is soliciting the assistance of the public in identifying the offenders and to report any suspicious activity to the nearest police station.

The 2,000-foot cable extended from the commercial complex opposite Caribbean Cinemas through to the Public Cemetery.

APUA said the cable is valued at approximately US $12,000.

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