Road safety Group wants funding for awareness campaigns

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The Antigua and Barbuda Road Safety group is hoping that it can convince the government to disburse 10 percent of the road rehabilitation project funds, to the group to finance its awareness campaign.
President of the group, Alice Ho-Tack, told OBSERVER media that, the group has been trying to work with the government in establishing a council or road safety unit, where the funds can be put to use.
“We are trying to see if we can get 10 percent of the funds for road rehabilitation project, to go towards the group to raise awareness for road safety training, and to keep up our work and addressing the mandate context,” she said.
According to Ho-Tack, after years of the groups existence, now that money for the road rehabilitation is available, everyone is now an expert.
The organisation’s head said that the group has not met with the ministry and she is appealing to the public works department to meet with them, to “discuss where we at and what we have accomplished so far and what is the future for road safety in Antigua.”

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