Relatives told, but still no-show for Ticks’ send-off

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The lonely send-off that Dion “Ticks” Thomas got seven years after he dropped dead while on remand for murdering Dorothy Prince has been a talking point in recent days.

Some residents have asked why it ended that way, given that his uncle Glenroy Farrell went public to complain that the government was keeping the family in the dark and they had no idea what was being done or why the body had not been released.

Just last month, in an interview, Farrell declared that the family had an interest in what was happening.

But this week he declined to go on record.

However, a source close to the matter said relatives were asked to participate in the burial, entirely at the government’s expense. But no one came forward for the funeral which was held on March 15th.

Elizabeth Saunders, Managing Director of Straffies Funeral home where the body was stored for seven years, said it took a lot of work and procedures to keep the Thomas’s corpse from totally decomposing and becoming unbearably smelly.

The delay in his burial had to do with an inconclusive autopsy, as the authorities are required to determine cause of death in cases where someone dies while in the custody of the state.

Omari Phillip, Gideon Jackson and Timmori Elliott, three other men who were convicted under a joint enterprise murder charge with Thomas, are still serving time in jail for killing the Dees Service Station attendant, Dorothy Prince.

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