Regional trade unions maintain stance against LIAT's salary deferral system

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For the second time in recent weeks, regional trade unions have struck down a proposed salary deferral system for staff employed with Antigua-based carrier, Liat.
The Standing Regional Consultative Council of Trade Unions re-iterated its position on the five-month deferral system during a meeting at Liat’s headquarters on Tuesday.
Head of the group, General Secretary of the Antigua & Barbuda Workers Union (ABWU) David Massiah said the position of the unions would remain unchanged until certain conditions are met.
“All the unions stand resolute behind our
position which was laid out in a letter to the company dated March 10, and we have not changed that position.”
Massiah said the regional group understands the full intention of the airline company and will not accept the said deferral system.
The standing council first outlined its position to the airline in a letter dated March 10, to Acting Chief Executive Julie Reifer Jones.
The 11-member body said in the letter that they have adopted a position not to agree to any proposal until the company provides a recovery plan detailing how it will be able to return to a state of normalcy within the time frame indicated; present an overall business plan for the company; provide a comprehensive audit of the company and hold a forum for unions, directors and shareholder governments to critically discuss the current state and to engage in the creation of a plan for the way forward for the organisation.
The unions have also argued that in 2014 they participated in a salary deferral exercise, which was projected for five months, but lasted for 14, without any tangible results.
The grouping said during that time staff at Liat experienced severe financial and personal hardship.

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