Recovering addict shares his testimonial with the world

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Errol Fabien, a noted comedian and recovering drug addict, is on a mission to educate young people in the Caribbean about the dangers of drug use drawing from his own personal experience.
The Trinidad and Tobago native, who this year celebrates 30 years of being drug-free, is letting the entire world know that he has been delivered from addiction through a walk2freedom campaign.
Fabien will be visiting 15 countries, including Antigua and Barbuda, to spread the message of awareness that behavioural change is possible.
The journey began in Cuba on August 1 and will end in Trinidad and Tobago on September 15, he arrives in Antigua and Barbuda on August 18.
 “I want to address people or share with people in every territory I visit. I want to tell them about my life and what has happened to me,” Fabien said during an interview on Thursday.
While in the respective countries, Fabien will host a two-hour walk2freedom to make 30 hours for his 30 years of being drug-free.
Additionally, he will be presenting a pledge to each head of state signifying a promise to assist with any drug demand reduction programme upon which the people of the country are embarking.
“There are two different types of addicts: There are active addicts and there are recovering addicts. Today thank God, I am a recovering addict but it is an illness that I live with; that I will live with for the rest of my life. It’s like diabetes, it’s like cancer, it’s like any illness.” Fabien stated.
Several groups have partnered to assist in funding the journey.

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