Recording of alleged sex transaction upsets lawyer; police

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The circulation of a recording of what is believed to be a transactional sexual arrangement gone wrong between a man and a female has raised the ire of attorney Amaya Athill.
The lawyer said that she is disappointed by the public’s response and the fact that the recording is being shared widely on various social media platforms even as it seems to tell the story of the criminal act of sex with a minor, prostitution and attempted extortion.
“This type of situation is (very) serious, it is extremely prevalent and it should not be normalised such that we can make fun and joke about the other side of things,” Athill said.
Many people on social media have been poking fun at the female, questioning why she did not collect her money before engaging the man in sexual activities.
Others joked about the man outwitting the female after she demanded the money and said “remember you older than me”, suggesting she is underage.
In reply, the man told her he made a recording of her trying to extort $400 from him instead of the $200 initially agreed to.
“We need to, as a society, take these matters seriously and before we make fun of it, think about the ramifications of it, the parties involved, the potential for it to be one of our young women in Antigua and look at the circumstances in that way,” Athill said.
The recording has been making the rounds on Facebook and other social media sites since Sunday.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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