Public's help needed in dengue epidemic fight

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Health authorities are reiterating the call to the general public, to do their part in reducing the impact of the mosquito population in Antigua and Barbuda.

This, as the dengue fever situation on island, has now been deemed an epidemic – with the unexpected rise cases.

Chief Health Inspector with the Central Board of Health (CBH), in the Ministry of Health, Sharon Martin; says that mosquito populations are very prevalent across the island and it requires more effort than can be provided by the authorities.

Martins says, vector control efforts have actually increased – amid questions of the consistency – but citizens simply must play a part in curbing the epidemic.

She encouraged the public to properly dispose of garbage material and ensure that there is no settled water on properties, to reduce the mosquito breeding.

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  1. I was wondering when they would finally admit to the problem. I guess if you don’t report it it’s not really happening. Sorry folks the mosquito is out of the bag.


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