Promoters have responsibility to protect female employees – Erica Edwards

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Society needs to have a conversation about the sexualisation of women in advertisements.
Erica Edwards, spokesperson on gender affairs and social transformation for the Democrat National Alliance (DNA), expressed the view on OBSERVER AM yesterday.
Referencing a research that revealed promo girls experience sexual harassment and discriminatory pay practices, Edwards said that men have continued to sexualise women because advertisements intended to attract men to events have treated women as sexual objects.
“When these male patrons come [to events], they are being attracted by the sexual visual that they have been sold and some [males] think that they can step beyond the boundary,” she said.
Adding that women deserve more respect, the DNA spokesperson called on promoters to protect their female employees from sexual harassment and exploitation.
“We have to start to understand that there needs to be a certain level of respect and these promoters have a responsibility to ensure that [their young female employees] are not exploited and not treated outside of how they should be treated,” she said.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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