Prison officers want Superintendent Wade to stay

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Prison officers today staged industrial action against the possible departure of the Superintendent Albert Wade.
They’re hoping to force the minister responsible for prisons, Steadroy Cutie Benjamin not to send Wade back to the police force from which he was seconded since November 2014.
Minister Benjamin explained the circumstances surrounding the matter, saying it was Superintendent Wade who asked that his secondment be terminated so he could return to policing.
Benjamin said Wade has done a remarkable job at the jail on Coronation Road but has his reasons for wanting to leave.
While he did not outline those reasons, he commended the superintendent for his work, further saying, “I hold him in the highest regard, he has turned the prison around and has been an exemplary civil servant.”
The minister said Superintendent Wade has recommended two possible successors. However, the minister did not divulge the names of the two people.
In recent months, Wade has been calling on the authorities to complete expansion works and other construction at the penal facility. Lack of finances stalled the initiative, leaving the overcrowded jail in conditions that the UN described as inhumane. The jail was built to accommodate 150 but currently has over 300 inmates.

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