Prime Minister Browne gives Ministers additional assignments – Henry Charles Fernandez appointed Tourism Minister

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JOHN’S, Antigua and Barbuda – 27th October, 2017……Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browneon Friday, during the weekly sitting of the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda gave his Ministers new appointments following the removal from the Cabinet of MP Asot Michael who formerly served as Minister for Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy.
The Prime Minister advised his Cabinet that instead of appointing a new Minister for Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy to replace MP Asot Michael, he has opted to assign the portfolio responsibilities from that Ministry to a number of ministers.
With the portfolio realignments, the Honourable Henry Charles Fernandez, who was formerly the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Immigration; now receives the appointment of Minister of Tourism, Foreign Affairs and Immigration.
The Honourable Sir Robin Yearwood received the Energy portfolio, assuming responsibility for Energy, PDV Caribe Antigua and Barbuda Limited and the Antigua and Barbuda National Energy Council (ABNEC).
The Health and Environment Minister, Molwyn Joseph assumes responsibility for Botanical Gardens and Heritage Sites, while the Hon. E. P. Chet Greene is now responsible for Investment, Economic Development, International Trade, the National Economic and Social Council and the Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority.
Prime Minister Browne has added Public Private Partnerships (PPP), the West Indies Oil Company Limited, the National Asset Management Company (NAMCO), and the Citizenship by Investment Unit to his portfolio.
We list below the Ministers and their new portfolio assignments:
Government of Antigua and Barbuda
No. 1 Honourable Gaston Browne, Prime Minister
          Minister for Finance, Corporate Governance &
          Public Private Partnerships
                                                      Office of the Prime Minister        

  • Ministry of Finance Headquarters
  • Electoral Commission
  • Financial Secretary’s Office
  • Treasury Department
  • Inland Revenue Department
  • National Asset Management Company (NAMCO)
  • Citizenship by Investment Unit
  • General Post Office
  • Property Valuation and Tax Compliance
  • Customs Department
  • Social Security
  • State Insurance
  • Insurance
  • Public Sector Investment Programmes
  • Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC)
  • Free Trade and Processing Zone
  • Gaming
  • Defence Force
  • Office of the National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)
  • Port Authority
  • Sea Ports
  • West Indies Oil Company Ltd. (WIOC)
  • Corporatization Unit
  • Prime Minister’s Scholarships
  • Antigua and Barbuda Development Bank
  • Passport and Citizenship
  • Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU)
  • Merchant Shipping and Shipping Registration

No. 2 Honourable Sir. Robin Kenworth
Montgomery Yearwood
Minister for Public Utilities, Energy, Civil Aviation
& Transportation 

  • Ministry Headquarters
  • Antigua Public Utilities Authority
  • Meteorology
  • Energy
  • Antigua and Barbuda Airports Authority
  • PDV Caribe Antigua and Barbuda Ltd.
  • Civil Aviation
  • Vehicular Control
  • Transport Board
  • Antigua and Barbuda National Energy Council (ABNEC)

No. 3 Honourable Molwyn Joseph
          Minister for Health & The Environment     

  • Ministry Headquarters
  • Health
  • Mt. St. John’s Medical Centre
  • Holberton Hospital
  • Antigua and Barbuda Hospital Board
  • Medical General
  • Medical Benefits Scheme
  • Fiennes Institute
  • Mentally Handicapped
  • Central Board of Health
  • AIDS Secretariat
  • Mental Hospital
  • Health Information
  • Health Education
  • Persons Living with Disabilities
  • National Solid Waste Authority
  • Botanical Gardens & Heritage Sites
  • The Environment

No. 4 Honourable Henry Charles Fernandez
          Minister for Tourism, Foreign Affairs,
and Immigration

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Headquarters
  • Ministry of Tourism Headquarters
  • Immigration Headquarters
  • St. John’s Development Corporation
  • Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority
  • Overseas Tourism Offices
  • Deep Bay Development Corporation
  • National Parks Authority
  • Antigua Isle Limited
  • New Port (Antigua) Limited
  • Corbkinnon Limited
  • Antigua Pier Group Ltd.
  • FCCA, CHTA, CTO & Yachting
  • Beach Protection
  • Vendors
  • Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute         
  • Overseas Missions
  • WTO
  • The Diaspora Unit
  • VIP Lounge –V.C. Bird International Airport

No. 5           Honourable Everly Paul Chet Greene
Minister for Trade, Commerce, Investment, Industry,
Sports, Culture & National Festivals                     

  • Ministry Headquarters
  • Investment
  • Economic Development & National Economic & Social Council
  • Regional Trade
  • Antigua & Barbuda Investment Authority
  • International Trade
  • Industry
  • Commerce
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Bureau of Standards
  • Statistics Division
  • Sports
  • The Office of NAO for European
  • Development Fund (EDP) & EPA Implementation
  • Culture
  • Carnival
  • Independence
  • National Festivals
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