Primary school principals congratulate their top students

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Principals of three top schools in the 2017 Grade Six National Assessment have come forward with praises for their students’ success.
This year, eleven-year-old Hailey Derrick of St. Nicholas Primary, captured the first place on the Top 100 list. She topped a clean sweep of girls in the top ten positions.
Principal of St Nicholas Primary, Susan Deane sent this congratulatory statement:
“I would like to congratulate Hailey Derrick on being this year’s Top Student.  She worked diligently and did exceptionally well in all areas, particularly in Mathematics where she achieved a perfect score.  Hailey is a well-rounded student and performs at the highest level in extra-curricular activities and sports.  She is a wonderful representative of St Nicholas Primary School.”
Deane also commended the efforts of Derrick’s classmates.
“I would also like to congratulate the entire grade six class.  They had a remarkable year with 25% in the top hundred and 90% receiving scholarships to AGS and AGHS. Thank you to all the students for their hard work, all the staff and of course, the parents who continue to support us throughout the year.  We wish all our students the very best in high school.”
Baptist Academy is well known for its high standards in academics. This year, 6 out of 10 top students hail from Baptist Academy and they also boast 17 out of their 25 students making the top 100, with Zion Edwards as their top student.
Principal of Baptist Academy Dr Hensworth Jonas told OBSERVER media in an exclusive interview how much time and energy it took to achieve this accomplishment.
Dr Jonas said that this year’s batch of students were initially “very challenging” but after careful consultations with parents, “it came together beautifully”. He credited parental involvement as a major key in this success story.
“Parental involvement is indispensable to our programme. We have continually advised parents that they are the primary educators. Our staff’s role is that of professional and technical support.”
Dr Jonas also cited discipline as the cornerstone of their repeated achievements.
“Our educational philosophy and methodologies are the foundation of all that we do. Discipline, content mastery, a culture of excellence and traditional classroom management have delivered for us the consistency as a top performing programme.”
For those eagerly awaiting their turn at the 2018 Grade Six National Assessment, this is the advice that the Baptist Academy Principal gave:
“For those entering grade six, it is very important that they are advised not to be intimidated by the G6NA process. With the solid foundation that they have received, they need to discipline themselves to apply the academic skills that they have been taught. They also need to prepare with the glory of God as their highest motive.”
This year, the top government school is Freetown Primary. Eleven-year-old Shyla Apparicio came 9th in the Top 100.
Principal of Freetown Primary Lucina Nathaniel told OBSERVER media that despite the negativity that is associated with government run institutions, her school is dedicated to educating its students.
“The perception that government schools are not working is obviously wrong. It’s a collaborative effort in the government schools. Whereas the private schools can choose who they want in their schools and when they can’t take anymore, we have to take them because we don’t have a choice. We really try with our students,” she said.
Nathaniel extended much thanks to her staff. She said without them, this would not be possible.
“My teachers are just great, I think I have the best staff in Antigua. They are hardworking, cooperative and we have this thing among us where they can come and tell me anything. If they see that I am doing something wrong and so on, they are free to let me know.”
She also described Apparicio as “willing” and ready to get involved in the work that is being done in the school.
“Her parents are very supportive. Whenever we have to call on them we can and Shyla is such a willing student, she’s humble and quiet. If we are having something, she always attends.”

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