Prepare now for active hurricane season, public told

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Residents are being urged to ensure preparations are in place with this year’s Atlantic hurricane season – now just four days away – forecast to be an active one.

People should have emergency kits ready, says the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS). And those should include water, non-perishable food, important documents, baby items, medication, battery-operated radio, flashlight, clothes, blanket, toiletries and items for personal hygiene, first-aid kit, hand-sanitiser and masks.

Preparations around the house should include trimming overhead branches, removing loose items from outside, storing water for drinking and other purposes, ensuring the safety of windows and doors and having plywood on hand if shutters are not fixed to the property.

Once the shelter list is made public, residents should be aware of the nearest shelter and the district disaster coordinator for their area who volunteers on behalf of NODS.

When going to a shelter, residents should walk with their emergency kit and ensure that supplies are adequate for three to five days. All Covid-19 protocols will be in place at the public shelters.

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