Political analysts commend move to appoint Aziza Lake to the Senate

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Political analysts have given a nod of approval to the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party’s (ABLP) decision to appoint Aziza Lake to the Upper House.

Arvel Grant applauded the ABLP administration’s move to select younger people, which is in keeping with similar steps being taken internationally.

“It is a very good move. The political establishment in Antigua & Barbuda and certainly the Caribbean and around the world have grown an appreciation for the fact that younger people, especially people in their 30’s and 40’s have the front row seat in the next generation of leaders,” Grant told OBSERVER media.

Lake’s appointment to the Senate was announced in the Cabinet notes this week as the replacement for Wigley George. Grant said that while she should feel comfortable speaking out on certain matters, she should also focus on the job that she was appointed to do.

“I am hoping that she will do a couple of things — recognise her role as a part of the legislature; secondly, the deliberation of the legislature affects the whole nation and that at the end of the day, she is a part of the process which the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party has been elected to deliver.”

Regional political analyst Peter Wickham agreed and has cautioned the new senator against controversial political matters in the Upper House and speak to matters which she is known to be an advocate for.

“I think she has to walk a very fine line and she does not offend the gods so to speak and I think that she can create that balance if she uses her role to speak to issues as an advocate in which she is known and use her competence in that way,” he said.

More in today’s Daily Observer. 

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