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Two men have been detained in connection with the robbery that occurred at Sweet-Ts on Tuesday July 10.
According to an officer involved in the investigation, a vehicle has been confiscated and is being examined for evidence at the Liberta Police Station.
The police source said Closed Circuit Security Cameras recorded the car parked on a “dead-end” road not far from the business place that is located on Falmouth main road.
And, the two robbers who ran from the establishment after the attack, went to that vehicle which left the scene shortly before the police arrived.
OBSERVER media has also been informed that the police at Dockyard Police Station got a call minutes before the robbery, informing them that it was about to happen.
The call came from individuals at the restaurant who saw the robbers with guns, lurking around. The men were clad in dark long sleeve shirts, long pants, full face masks, hoodies and gloves. This information was confirmed by police sources and staff at the restaurant which is known for its ice-creams and milkshakes.
A manager at Sweet-Ts who did not want to be named due to fear for her safety, said some customers left and the workers ran to safety within the restaurant even before robbers walked up to the entrance, jumped over the counter and grabbed a bag with documents and ripped out the cash register.
Six workers and a few customers were present at the time of the robbery but none of them had any interaction with the thieves.
During the robbery, the gunmen were waving their weapons in the air, but, according to the manager, they never spoke.
“It all happened within 10 to 15 seconds. The police were called a few minutes before that but unfortunately  the police did not get there while the men were inside,” the individual said yesterday.
And, apparently, no other police stations were informed of the pending robbery so there was no collaborative response.
The robbers escaped with only an undisclosed portion of the evening’s earnings as the workers grabbed whatever cash and documents they could and put them away before the attack.
Dockyard Police responded soon after the incident but by then the robbers were gone.
Since reporting this robbery, residents have come forward stating that there were several robberies in Swetes, Glanvilles and Bethesda in recent days.

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