Police searching for “gun totting missionaries”

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PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Feb 10, CMC – Trinidad and Tobago police were searching for three women, who posed as “missionaries” and robbed a woman in Central Trinidad of nearly TT$40,000 (One TT dollar =US$0.16 cents) in cash and jewellery.
Police said that the “missionaries” armed with a gun and a bible, had called out to the woman who was at her Chaguanas home on Wednesday and when she went outside was greeted with a gun pointed to her head.
The woman, whom the authorities have not identified, said that another placed a cloth to her head and when she recovered, she discovered TT$25,000 in cash and at least TT$10,000 in jewellery missing.
“This seems like a new trend … From what victims claim, they get this strong chemical stench and that’s the last thing they remember and when they come to they realize that they have either been raped, buggered or robbed,” a police officer told the Trinidad Guardian newspaper.
The paper reported that a woman escaped unharmed last month after the driver of a taxi tried to knock her out using cloth with a chemical. It said the woman had boarded the taxi near a police station in Diego Martin, west of here.

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