Police probe Land Registry car smash

Accident on High Street on Thursday (Photo by Neto Baptiste)
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By Latrishka Thomas

Police are investigating a matter involving a motorist who crashed into the Land Registry premises on High Street on Thursday.

According to reports, the woman, who was driving a van, sped out of a parking lot breaking a chain at the exit and destroying a utility pole before hitting the building opposite the car park.

It is speculated that the woman attempted to flee the scene having refused to pay the parking fee.

However, police are yet to confirm the circumstances leading to the incident.

Following the collision, the woman was rushed to hospital where she was still being treated for minor injuries as of yesterday.

Meanwhile, Anchorage Road was the scene of a two-car smash on Friday.

According to traffic police, a Lexus travelling from north to south collided with a Toyota Corolla driving in the opposite direction at around 7am.

The Lexus driver was reportedly attempting to overtake a line of traffic when the vehicles collided near a vendor.

The Lexus landed on its roof, some distance away from the junction where the accident occurred. Two men – one from each car – were taken to hospital.

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