Police investigating issuance of fraudulent cheques involving some colleagues

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PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, Jan 29, CMC – The National Police of Haiti (PNH) said it has been able to recover nearly Gourdes 50 million (One Gourde=US$0.015 cents) over the past three months as a  result of various acts of corruption including payments to persons who are no longer affiliated with the police service.
The PNH said that nearly 19,000 cheques are made out monthly for the payment of salaries to staff who have resigned, abandoned their positions, absent or deceased.
The authorities said they had taken steps to exercise greater control over the situation and have been carrying out rigorous verification for several months.
PNH director general, Michel-Ange Gédéon, said that for the last three months, these verifications and investigations have enabled the PNH to recover nearly Gourdes 50 million in cheques given to both police officers and administrative staff.
Gédéon said at some police station where the cheques were handed over to the beneficiaries themselves, resulted in the return of several hundred checks, the financial amounts have not yet been recorded.
Gédéon said this activity showed that police officials are involved in the fraudulent and that he is determined to clean the police service of those officials and tarnish the reputation of the police.
He is also promising to have these officers face the full brunt of the law and that investigations are under way to determine and identify the leaders and their accomplices.

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