Police, gov’t agency work to identify parents of abandoned baby

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Officials within the Family and Social Services Division say they are playing a role in the case involving a nine-day-old baby who was abandoned in a small cardboard box on a doorstep in Gray Hill over the weekend.

However, Social Transformation Minister Samantha Marshall said the division can only take the lead after the baby is released from the Mount St John’s Medical Centre.

The child is reportedly receiving care at the hospital where health officials are carrying out tests to ensure that all is okay with the newborn.

On Saturday morning, residents of a home in Gray Hill reportedly heard what they thought was the mewing of a cat outside the front


But the noise persisted and grew louder, prompting them to investigate and that’s when they made the shocking discovery.

The child was wearing only a baby top and the lower part of her body wrapped in plastic.

Inside the box was a note reportedly stating: “Take my baby and take care of her. Born 21st March 2019.”

Police say the unwanted baby is nonetheless lucky to have escaped not only the danger of exposure from the overnight rainy weather and possible wind chill, but could easily have become the target of stray dogs.

They are also looking for the mother, and working in part on the theory that it is likely a young or otherwise vulnerable person without the means to support herself and the child.

OBSERVER media also understands that inquiries are being made about females who were known to have recently been in an advanced stage of pregnancy.

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