Police detain George Wehner again

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Opposition United Progressive Party political hopeful George Wehner was again locked up today by police who also went to search his Seatons home.
Wehner’s lawyer Leon Chaku Symister tells OBSERVER media his client went to the Willikies Police Station to sign in as required while on bail for charges stemming from alleged threats to government officials.
Symister says the police detained him on the spot and went to his home where they confiscated a range of electronic devices – the very items they recently returned to him while probing the unrelated case of threats.
He says the officers had a warrant which says they are investigating Wehner’s alleged unlawful use of electronic devices.
The lawyer says he’s not aware of any legislation that supports such a warrant and he accused the government of politicising the police force. Wehner was released after spending several hours in police custody, but he has been asked to return tomorrow for further questioning.
This is the third time Wehner is detained by police within the past six months.

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