PM urges developers to ‘ignore’ residents’ concerns about Callaloo Cay

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As ground broke at the site of the new Callaloo Cay development, Prime Minister Gaston Browne urged the developers to “ignore” opposition to the project from certain residents of Old Road and to push ahead with construction.

The prime minister classified those residents — who had so far raised concern about the development — as “individuals, who for personal and political reasons, will object to everything we do”.

“But I say to the developers, and to my colleagues, that we should ignore them. The reality is their objections bring no serious value to the development of the country,” he declared.

Browne was speaking at Tuesday morning’s groundbreaking ceremony for Al Caribi Antigua Development Limited’s Callaloo Cay hotel and villa project, situated at Morris Bay.

The prime minister told those present that residents, who voiced concerns over how the construction of Callallo Cay could adversely affect the flow of storm water in Morris Bay, were not educated to make such a determination.

“We have some people in this community pretending to be water engineers, who don’t even have one CXC [subject] … we must see people for who they are and understand that some of them come with very destructive motives,” he declared.

Al Caribi’s Senior Vice President of Business Development Dawood Shah

Meanwhile, Al Caribi’s Senior Vice President of Business Development, Dawood Shah, announced that a “game-changing” international hotel brand would be a part of the development. “We are going to develop a 95-room luxury five-star hotel and up to 40 branded villas. We’ve signed a letter of intent with one of the top three international hotel brands in the world.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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