Players’ departure leaves former champs in a bind

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Coach of the Asot’s Arcade Parham FC and former national player, Rowan “Three Fives” Isaac, said the sudden departure of four imported players has left the former champions in a quandary. Last week, three Barbados players in striker Hadan Holligan, defensive midfielder Mario Williams and attacking midfielder Ackeel Applewhaite left the country after playing justfour matches amidst reports of a fallout with the club.
Vincentian defender, Kendall Douglas, also left the country last week. Isaac said they will seek to replace the players when the transfer window opens next month. “We will be looking for players to replenish what we have lost, and not only for those who would have left, but also to boost other areas where we may need some help or need improvement, and this is both internal and external, but this window is for locals so basically that is what we will have to look into,” he said.
Parham lost two of their last three matches and currently sit seventh in the standings with just seven points. The positive, according to the former striker, is that a door has been open to young and eager players. “I think the [lack of] chemistry is one ofthe reasons why everything kind of went [wrong] where we had a unit that was training and then during the week we had to change our plans and have another unit sent out on the field.
In a way, more opportunities would be available for a lot of the younger players and so forth and we gave them a chance on Sunday . . . to showcase themselves,” he said. Parham is set to face FC Aston Villa in the final match of Saturday’s double-header stating at 7:00 p.m. at the Antigua Recreation Grounds.

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