Pesticides board warns about the use and sale of banned substances

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Residents are being reminded that the use of the illegal substance called “three steps” is prohibited in Antigua and Barbuda.
Chairman of the Pesticides and Toxic Chemical Control Board Dr. Linroy Christian told members of the media yesterday that this is one of several chemicals which are currently available on the local market even though it was banned several years ago.
He said the issue is of grave concern to his board, which is responsible for monitoring the importation, use and distribution of chemicals in the country.
“We are determined to ensure that it is reduced on the official market. If you are in possession of it you will be charged, the fine starts at $25,000,” Dr. Christian warned during a media forum on Thursday.
Health officials have repeatedly stated that the substance is highly toxic and poses serious risks to the environment and human health.
Meanwhile, Senior Drug Inspector in the Ministry of Health Faye Edwards also revealed that at least one individual is currently before the court and is expected to be charged with distributing the said substance.
“I sincerely advise the public not to engage in the purchasing of that chemical. It is against the law to buy it or to sell it,” Edwards said.
“Three steps”, a granular product is so named locally because residents claim that after rats eat it, they walk three steps and die.
Health authorities say the substance is imported and sold in unlabelled containers or small plastic bags.

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