‘People still believe they’re invincible’ – PM

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People who defy social distancing rules pose the greatest threat to the nation as it battles to curtail the coronavirus spread.

Those were the tough words from the Prime Minister yesterday when he told Observer that residents who continue to flout the regulations could be directly responsible for more deaths.

He was speaking as throngs of people flocked into the city on Thursday morning, gathering outside banks and other businesses which reopened in line with amended lockdown rules.

“I’m concerned about the irresponsible behaviour and indiscipline of some of our people, to include those who believe that they are invincible,” PM Gaston Browne said.

“The reality is, Covid is deadly and it can actually kill the healthiest and youngest among us. These individuals present our greatest vulnerability to community spread and increased fatalities,” he added.

Traffic was backed up along several city roads yesterday morning as people headed into St John’s to stock up for the long Easter weekend and to take advantage of banking services which were previously closed.

There were reports of tension among patrons lined up outside various businesses as some blatantly ignored rules to stand six feet apart, to the consternation of others.

Several vehicles were also seen packed with passengers, in defiance of the two-person-a-car stipulation.

People did however appear to be largely conforming to the mandatory wearing of face masks.

To date, there are 19 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda and two fatalities.

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