One man jailed, another fined for stealing from department store

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

Two employees of Courts Furnishings have been sentenced for stealing a laptop from the department store.

On March 23, Devonte Williams of Pigotts and Paul Southwell of Bendals arrived at a warehouse on Sir George Walter Highway to make some deliveries of items that had already been sorted by someone else and were earmarked for delivery.

The items included furniture, a stove, and six laptops.

The items were checked in the presence of the defendants before they left to deliver them to various locations.

When they arrived at one of their stops on Friars Hill Road, one of the laptops was missing when the items were checked by the person collecting them.

The defendants were questioned but they could not give an answer as to its whereabouts.

The matter was therefore reported to the police.

The two were subsequently charged with larceny of the $1,400 Acer laptop which has never been found.

Both men admitted to the offence when they appeared in court yesterday. However, when given an opportunity to speak on his own behalf, Southwell denied stealing the item.

“The laptop, we can’t answer that part. It’s not us that did it but,” he said before Magistrate Conliffe Clarke stopped him and enquired if he wished to change his plea.

Southwell was advised by a lawyer and subsequently chose to move ahead with sentencing.

He was sent to prison for four months since he has similar prior convictions.

Williams, on the other hand, was ordered to compensate the business in the amount of $1,600.

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