Officer says he had The Movement under surveilance

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The corporal accusing, George Wehner and Swanston Lewis of battery on police testified today that he was assigned to conduct surveillance on meetings of the Movement good governance group.
Marvin Cuffy, who was recently promoted from the post of Constable, told the All Saints Court he had been surveiling the meetings from the inception and had recorded its sessions.
He testified he is a member of the Special Branch Unit which has been surveiling all political events by all parties and groups.
The officer also said none of the accused struck him, but they dragged him out of the meeting after they caught him as he was about to record the meeting and he refused to leave.
He said this was after the group’s president Algernon “Serpent” Watts instructed attendees to turn off their phones on the night of September 9, 2016.
The corporal said when he entered the meeting earlier he did not state that he was a police officer but he did so after the incident and his gun was still concealed. He said he did not have his police identification on his person since he had left it in the car.
The trial continues on September 13 with the prosecution still to bring additional police witnesses before Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel.

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