Number of challenges plague the Care Project

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Human resource shortages and lack of equipment are some of the challenges plaguing the Care Project operations.
These challenges were highlighted by Matron Juliet Delabastide, who made the disclosure during the annual Governor General’s Christmas visit to the Holberton facility earlier this week.
She gave further details about the challenges being faced by the institution.
“A proper functioning bus and professional drivers, as well as proper, consistent domestic care coverage, especially on weekends. In addition, a deputy matron or senior staff nurse and special needs educators. Services for our special needs residents to include access to in-house social services, laboratory services, psychiatric services, nutritional and physical therapy and counselling. A generator and, most recently . . . access to cable television, sadly, are on our list of challenges for the area.”
The Care Project is a government-run facility, which provides a home and basic care for a number of children with severe mental and physical disabilities.
Delabastide said that despite all the challenges that the facility faced during this past year, there were also some achievements.
“We have had a recent increase in trained nursing staff. There is more planned and structured communication with a daily programme offered by our charity, Friends of the Care Project.
“Those friends’ service level is at a way higher level — Medical Benefits, Medical Stores, the Health Pharmacy Services [are more efficient] and, of course, the highlight of our year, the completion of the new Care Project home on the Holberton compound,” Matron Delabastide said.

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