No arrest yet as hotel robbery probe continues

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The police are said to be following several strong leads in the case of the robbery at gunpoint at Carlisle Bay hotel on Saturday, but up to last night they had no suspects in custody.
Inspector Lester Bagot, police spokesman, told OBSERVER media last night that the investigators questioned a number of people, including the two female hotel workers who were said to be victims of the robbery. The women were quizzed at the Criminal Investigations Department and after lawmen recorded their statements, they were released.
One of the women was also allegedly kidnapped and the masked, armed man used her boss’s CRV to escape the scene around 1 o’clock. He reportedly released her in the Fig Tree Drive area shortly afterwards.
Since the initial police report on the incident, OBSERVER media has learned that tens of thousands of dollars was stolen from the hotel, from the accounts department which had only received the said sum two days before the attack.
According to sources close to the probe, the thief appeared to know his way around the property and exactly where the accounts office was located and what to do to be buzzed in.
Once he entered the room with the vault and grabbed the money, he allegedly forced one worker to go with him and demanded the keys for the manager’s vehicle.
Neither of the two women sustained physical injuries, but were said to be so traumatised they had to be taken to the hospital and treated.
Sources said the hotel has a number of security cameras in and around the property and police have been reviewing footage to try to determine the identity of the robber.
The police are continuing to ask residents to report anything they know to the Johnson’s Point Police Station at 562-8942/3 or the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at 462-3913/4 to help solve the case.

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