New film documents Redonda’s remarkable transformation ‘from rats to riches’

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The movie hits the big screen next week
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The incredible transformation of Redonda from a barren hulk of rock to a thriving wildlife haven has been described as the Caribbean’s greatest rebirth story.

And next week, cinema goers will be able to view the country’s third island in all its new fertile glory.

The Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) is set to release the film ‘Redonda: The Road to Recovery’ at Caribbean Cinemas in Friars Hill Road.

An invitation-only red carpet premiere will take place on July 20, before the main screening for the public at 6.30pm on July 21.

The documentary tells the tale of Redonda’s remarkable restoration and captures the island’s complete journey ‘from rats to riches’.

The EAG says the movie comes at a pivotal time as this year marks five years since Redonda was deemed rat-free.  

Environmentalists worked hard to remove thousands of invasive black rats from the isle which were preying on reptiles and eating rare birds’ eggs.

They also removed a herd of feral goats which were eating the vegetation needed to attract seabirds.

The island is today teeming with fresh new vegetation while populations of birds and endemic lizards have soared.

International agencies who assisted the EAG with the work say Redonda is a model for how other Caribbean islands where invasive species have devastated indigenous wildlife can be brought back to life.

Entry to the movie is EC$5 and tickets are available at the EAG’s office upstairs of the National Museum building in St John’s or via the Ticketing app.

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