National athlete starts Barbuda relief drive

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National high-jumper Priscilla Frederick has reached out to her more than 3,500 Facebook friends and others for support as she joins the growing list of notable individuals soliciting help for the people of Barbuda.
The US-based athlete, via a video posted on Facebook on September 10, sought donations from friends and acquaintances, which she said will be sent to  shelters in Antigua for distribution to Barbudans.
“I will be packaging it myself and sending it over myself to the shelters over in Antigua. I do have a few contacts who have told me where the shelters are so I will be sending them over so hopefully in a couple of months I would be able to go over there [Antigua] myself, see where the stuff went and maybe help rebuild some of the homes in Barbuda,” she said.
“If you have any questions or concerns and you want to help out or come with me to Barbuda to help, hopefully I would be able to speak with the prime minister [Gaston Browne] within the next couple of weeks because I have not been able to get in touch with him but I have gotten in touch with some people through the track & field community over in Antigua,” she added.
The high-jumper who was, last year, named senior Sportswoman of the Year for 2015 warned that she would however not be accepting monetary contributions. She gave a brief overview of some items she believes will be needed.
“I wear this flag very proudly and to see the devastation that has happened in the country is really troublesome to me so I decided to start a relief fund for them [Barbuda]. I won’t be collecting money. I feel like I should really be sending over things they need,” Frederick said.
“A couple of you on my Facebook page have asked what can you do to help and I really appreciate it [so] right now I am going to start collecting toiletries, feminine products especially and then we have children products as well. Sheets, blankets and whatever you guys can spare,” she added.
The athlete’s video has been viewed over 5000 times on the social network, and shared over 80 times with over 250 likes.
Other noted sporting figures such as former West Indies captain Sir Vivian Richards and former national and Leeward Islands player, Hugh Gore, have contributed to the Barbuda relief effort.   

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