MSJMC celebrates Patient Experience Week

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This past week, Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) joined hundreds of participating hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world to celebrate Patient Experience (PX) Week by honoring their staff for impacting patients’ experiences in a positive way.

This is the sixth annual Patient Experience (PX) Week, observed April 22-26. It is a program created by global organization, The Beryl Institute.

In a release yesterday, Salma Crump, Head of Marketing & Communications at MSJMC, said: “Our teammates dedicate all 52 weeks in a year to supporting the health and wellbeing of this community, so taking one week out of the year to honor their dedication is the least we can do.”

The Beryl Institute, an international community of healthcare professionals that began PX Week in 2014, defines patient experience as “the sum of all interactions that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care.”

The Institute encourages participating facilities like MSJMC to celebrate not only medical staff, but executives, administrators, patients, families and the community at large.

 “We understand that everyone here contributes in one way or another to our patients’ experience at MSJMC: physicians, nurses, therapists, food service workers, maintenance, assistants and volunteers,” Crump said. “The concept of patient experience has moved from the fringes of the healthcare conversation to the heart of all that health care encompasses and that’s where we want it to be. Each and every one of us is the reason our care is both exceptional and close to home.”

MSJMC highlighted the initiative with educational sessions on topics such as “Responsible Communication” and “Ethics”.

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