Motorists encouraged to adhere to Carnival traffic management

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The head of Traffic Department is making an urgent plea for motorists to adhere to the traffic management plan that is in place for the duration of the 2018 carnival festivities.
The warning was issued by Inspector Elson Quammie, who told OBSERVER media yesterday that the police are facing an uphill battle keeping drivers away from the designated parade routes which are blocked off as early as midday on parade days.
“In the city where the parade route is concerned, we blocked all the intersections in a way that the traffic would still flow, and we decided that parking along the route would be restricted as of midday, knowing that the parade would move off at 3 p.m.”
Inspector Quammie warned that should motorists fail to comply with the traffic management plan, the authorities would be forced to impose further restrictions on the road.
“Notwithstanding that, we still have to engage wrecker services to remove vehicles from the parade routes. I think members of the public are not assisting us as much as they could,” he said.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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