More churches qualify for funding to build climate resilient hurricane shelters

Project Coordinator Craig Cole (Social media photo)
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By Theresa Goodwin

[email protected]

Two more churches – the Bible Speaks and Tindale Seventh Day Adventist, both in Valley Road – have qualified for funding under the Green Climate Fund’s Enhanced Direct Access Project and will be constructing climate resilient hurricane shelters to serve the communities of Creekside, Golden Grove and surrounding areas.

The religious organisations will be signing off on the award in the next few weeks.

Project Coordinator Craig Cole said US$1 million in grant money is being provided under the scheme, with US$800,000 already approved for a total of four churches including the most recent two.

“That’s approximately EC$2 million worth of construction that will be taking place over the next three to four months. We will have activity within the areas of Golden Grove, Cashew Hill, Valley Road and Gray’s Farm,” Craig said.

The shelters are to be equipped with solar power systems that will provide electricity in the event the national grid goes down, strengthening of roofs, windows and doors, shutters which can withstand a high wind speed, and a water harvesting system to supply consistent water flow.

The shelters will also include ramps and bathrooms for the elderly and the disabled, along with other fixtures.

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