More Antiguans should apply for UN careers

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The United Nations (UN) is calling for more Antiguans to apply for jobs in its Young Professional Programme (YPP) because the nation is underrepresented in the organization.
Human Resources Officer in the UN Secretariat, Eva Jasene disclosed this to listeners of the OBSERVER AM morning show yesterday as she spoke of the career opportunities associated with the YPP.
“We want to help Antigua and Barbuda and open the UN a little more for [the nation] …and make it more accessible to help nationals to see all the opportunities that are there,” said Jasene.
The YPP is an entrylevel professional position which recruits persons from countries like Antigua and many others across the world to start an international career with the UN Secretariat.
Jasene, who works in the Outreach Unit of Human Resource Management in the UN Secretariat, spoke of the extensive travel opportunities associated with working with the UN.
“It’s a fantastic life,” exclaimed Jasene. “In the UN, you have the choice to apply for jobs wherever you want to go, in whatever area you want to go.”
The programme is open to persons who are interested in different areas, including multimedia, human rights, and finance among many others.
“One needs to look at the overall entitlement and then it makes a really attractive package which puts you on a higher earning level and at a younger professional age in comparison to the private sector,” said Jasene.
The UN officer credited the education system in Antigua which helps to ensure a good success rate for Antiguans. The prestigious programme also requires a written examination to test applicants’ analytical skills.
“[The exam] looks into what you have studied in your respective area and how you’d implement and use the knowledge you got at university…. also, how well are you in drafting in English.”
She noted that Antigua has a slight advantage over many other countries, because it is an Englishspeaking country, which is among the language requirements for the YPP.
“It’s the entry level into a professional diplomatic career, which means that it comes with a great benefits package”.
Jasene also disclosed that the costs for housing of persons who have UN careers, are partially paid for by the organization. She added that health care options and pension fund are among the benefits that one would enjoy.
The application period is usually in late August, while the exams are taken in the latter part of the year. During the programme, she encouraged interested persons to visit for more information on the UN YPP.

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