Missing woman found

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One hour after frantically running into a police station screaming for help to locate her elderly goddaughter, Audiana “Audrey” Scotland reported that the missing Potters woman was found.
Scotland told OBSERVER media that about 9:40 a.m. yesterday, Frances-Ann Jules, also known as “Annie,” of Potters was spending time at her Gambles home when the 69-year-old exited the gate and left without her knowledge.
The distraught Gambles Terrace woman immediately called the police and contacted our newsroom for help.
Scotland was especially concerned for Jules who, in July 2017, walked away from home and was found after two days, dehydrated.
 The concerned godmother said, “I don’t know where she went. We were just talking, and she told me she was going because her mother was at home waiting for her, and I told her that her mother died over 20 years ago and she should sit down. I went into the bathroom and by the time I came back out she was gone.” 
Within an hour of putting the announcement on OBSERVER Radio, a bus driver in the Wood’s Mall area picked up Jules who was wearing a pink shirt, pink hat, a skirt and a pair of gold slippers and took her home.
The driver who is reportedly aware of Jules’ condition called police after arriving at the home and discovering that there was no one at home to take her. Jules was soon later reunited with worried family members.
Scotland said, “I was so scared. The last time it took two days to find her, I was so distraught I ran into the police station screaming murder for help.”
Last year, Annie was found by members of the Police K-9 Unit among bushes between Freeman’s Village and Seaview Farm.
Apart from being dehydrated, Jules was in good health and was transported to Mount St. John’s Medical Center by the EMS for further medical treatment.

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