‘Missing’ teen contacts family

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The mother of the teen reported missing earlier this week said she is relieved to hear Kamara Charles contacted her father via phone.
Charles’ father expressed extreme concern for her safety after the 15 year old left the Sunshine Home for Girls on Saturday and did not return before her curfew. The home contacted her father on Sunday.
Yesterday, Charles’ mother told OBSERVER media that she is just thankful to know that her daughter is okay, even though she was yet to return to the Sunshine Home.
“I am so relieved. I have to thank God because I’ve been up praying and hardly sleeping. I understand that she may be down in Gray’s Farm area; her father said he will go to the station down there,” the mother said.
She admitted that Charles has not been of the best behaviour and only a magistrate could determine if the teen can leave the home before her 18th birthday.
“Probably if there is a good report on her and there is some place she could go then I believe that the magistrate would allow her to come out. She is not behaving, she is following bad company and people,” she said.
Charles’s father contacted OBSERVER media on Wednesday to report that the teen was missing after she broke curfew over the last weekend. He said that his daughter briefly made contact with her mother when she sent her a photo.
The father said he was concerned for the teen’s safety because she is a
­key witness in an ongoing case.
He also said that the teen’s mother had reported to the police that the teen was missing, however, there has been no information sent to the public about the missing teen.
Up to yesterday police had not issued a bulletin for the runaway teen who has been on the run since Saturday.
The teen is described as approximately five-feet-10-inches, light-skinned, has a low haircut and weighs approximately 125 pounds.

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