Minister implores Carnival stakeholders to adhere to safety

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Following reports of minor incidents with parade trucks on the weekend, the Minister of Culture and National Festivals has urged all leaders of mas’ bands and other organisers to conform to the stipulated rules of safety.
His warning came after several complaints were made of the revellers getting dangerously close to the uncovered truck wheels during T-shirt mas’ on Saturday.
“It was brought to my attention that during Saturday’s T-shirt parade, there were trucks that did not conform with the new rules or standards of safety. I want to implore all stakeholders, especially those who have activities on the road, that they refer to the safety manual that we created and that was directed by the festivals commission, and that they, before the next street parade, become compliant,” the Minister, EP Chet Greene said.
According to Greene, there will be a zero tolerance approach on this issue.
“We cannot be promoting safety in sound bytes but in truth and in fact on the streets we do not have it enforced. It becomes very important that the rules are observed because they were carefully thought through, ventilated and discussed, aimed at ensuring total safety throughout the festivities.”
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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