Miller: Jennings Cricket Club pushing to prepare venue despite added cost due to Covid-19

President and coach of the Jennings Cricket Club, Glen Miller.
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By Neto Baptiste

President and coach of the Jennings Cricket Club, Glen Miller, has admitted that preparing for the pending Super 40 competition to be put on by the Antigua and Barbuda Cricket Association (ABCA), has become more taxing given the added cost associated with fortifying their venue against the deadly COVID 19 virus.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, Miller said his club has started crunching the figures and is calling on the cricket association to assist the teams in meeting the requirements.

“I don’t have everything as yet but just like those small businesses use those buckets with the pipe heads, we are getting two and one is going to be at one entrance and one is going to be at the other. We are going to have liquid to wash hands and we will have about four bottles around the field with sanitizers pertaining to the cleaning of the ball and so forth. The club will be bearing that cost and I was hoping that the association would say they are going to meet us half the way, but we have to bear the cost,” he said.

Highlighting that the venue in Jennings is not fully fenced, Miller said it would be difficult to have full control of the flow both in and out, but said they will make a concerted effort to ensure that all spectators and players have access to hand washing and sanitizing stations.

“Where people really enter into the venue we have a slight control over persons who would come and watch the game and one thing we have to bear in mind is that in local games is that we don’t get 50 people, but what we are going to do as protocols tell us to is that we are going to make sure we do not mix with the other teams. They are going to enter from one gate, we are going to enter from the other and the seats they will sit on will be sanitized and so on, so we are going to do what we can do. Everything will not be perfect but we are going to try our best,” he said. 

However, President of the cricket association Leon Rodney reminded Miller that the body announced a planned reduction in the usual registration fees of $1,500 as the body seeks to ease the burden on the clubs.

“The ABCA will be considering reducing the entrance fee which, whatever that will be, will assist you in terms of doing all what is necessary to achieve the best service to your team and to the one or two persons that may come and watch the games so I am not sure that it would be safe to say that we are not meeting you half way,” he said.

The ABCA Super 40 competition is slated to bowl off on 16th January. 

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