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Meter reader nursing injuries sustained during dog attack

Photo of the injured right hand of an APUA worker who suffered injuries on the job on Monday (Photos courtesy APUA)

By Theresa Goodwin

[email protected]

The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) is reminding residents that it is their responsibility to ensure that uniformed technicians are able to safely access properties to carry out specific duties on the company’s behalf.

APUA’s Communications Coordinator Sharifa George issued the reminder yesterday, 24 hours after a meter reader was viciously attacked by a dog while delivering utility bills in the Bendals area.

George told Observer media her colleague will not be able to use his right arm for some time until the injuries he sustained have healed.

At the time of the incident, the meter reader was seeking shelter from the rain on the verandah of a nearby house, and was attacked by an Akita while he was exiting the verandah to continue his journey.

“The meter reader said that he did not hear when the dog approached him, he only realised he was being attacked after the dog gripped his hand with its teeth. After about 15 minutes of struggling with the dog, he was able to get away from its grip with the assistance of someone in the area,” George said.

The injured employee company has since sought treatment and will be required to continue on leave until his wounds have healed.

George said he remains in good spirits although he is complaining of feeling numbness and a tingling sensation in the injured hand.

She said a report was made to the police who are investigating the matter. APUA’s health and safety team will also filing its own report.



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