MBS Encourages Wellness Checks 

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The Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) encourages its members to schedule and attend regular wellness appointments with their physicians. This will ensure efficient chronic disease management and adherence to medication regimens.

Patients are also advised to consult their physicians immediately if they have concerns or experience side effects from any medication rather than discontinue its use.

As a result of such engagement, both beneficiaries and physicians will have the opportunity to dialogue and reassess the efficacy of continuing to use any medication.

Improper use of medication can result in wastage which can be a significant financial burden.  

The Medical Benefits Scheme provides medication to assist its beneficiaries in the management of eleven (11) chronic conditions, including hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

Approximately nineteen million Eastern Caribbean dollars is expended by the MBS in procuring these pharmaceuticals.  

The MBS continues to make every effort to procure pharmaceuticals despite global supply issues.

Beneficiaries are assured that the medication required for the management of their chronic conditions is available and can be sourced from the MBS network of pharmacies. Beneficiaries are also encouraged to engage in physical activity and healthy eating as part of their wellness plan.  

Physicians are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the list of medications on the national formulary to ensure that the medications they prescribe to beneficiaries are those on the formulary.

This will ensure that the medications they prescribe to beneficiaries are readily available at our pharmacies.

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