Man freed of drug charges due to lack of evidence

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The case against one of the men charged in a major drug bust at the Deep Water Harbour this year has been dismissed.

Businessman Patrick Burrell of Villa walked away a free man for lack of evidence against him.

In July, the police jointly charged 48-year-old Burrell and 54-year-old Everton Fitzroy Pinnock with importation of almost 60 pounds of cannabis and other related charges including Drug Trafficking.

The illegal substance was reportedly discovered inside three boxes with television at Deep Water Harbour in July, during a drug operation between Customs and Police.

One the packages was  reportedly sent in Burrell’s name but his lawyer Wendel Robinson argued that he had no knowledge of the drug.  

While the case against Burrell was dismissed, the legal matter against Pinnock will proceed.

Pinnock’s committal hearing was set for December 10.

Meanwhile, Burrell’s Attorney Wendel Robinson said they are seriously considering taking legal action against the police because his client should not have been charged.

Recounting the incident Robinson said from the onset, he thought his client would have been a credible witness  to the case and not an accused.

“In July of 2020, this year, a few months ago, as Mr Patrick Burrell went to clear a container that came in his name he bumped into 59 ¾ pounds of cannabis which was found in three television boxes in the container. He immediately reported the matter to the customs who was right there and the customs called in the police and I thought Patrick would be a useful witness in the matter. 

“However the police took a decision to charge Patrick with six charges including importation, drug trafficking, conspiracy to import marijuana. I have always indicated and I indicated to the court that the charges could not be sustained and the police ought not to have charged him in the first place,” Robinson explained.

The lawyer said the entire ordeal has caused much pain and embarrassment for his client and the rest of his family and has tainted his image as a business man.

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