Man charged with murder pleads guilty to manslaughter

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By Latrishka Thomas

Randy Edwards, who was charged with murder in 2016, pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter in the High Court on Tuesday.

The facts of the case presented were that during an altercation in the vicinity of Wireless Road, on March 11th 2016, Edwards armed himself with a cutlass and used it to inflict a chop wound to the head of Elvis Daisy.

It was determined that the wound led to Daisy’s death several months later, on October 28th, 2016 after he had spent several months in the Intensive Care Unit at Mount St. John’s Medical Center.

An autopsy later revealed that Daisy’s death was as a direct result of injuries he sustained during the incident and Edwards was subsequently charged with murder.

However, in the High Court on Tuesday, the Clare Hall man pleaded guilty to manslaughter and the prosecution accepted the plea based on evidence of provocation on the part of the deceased.

His lawyer, Lawrence Daniels then requested a social inquiry report.
Edwards was remanded to prison until July 8th to await the findings of the report.

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