Major measures to curb sand mining on Barbuda

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The Cabinet has put restrictions on importing sand from Barbuda to Antigua and has banned its export to other countries.
The Foreign Affairs Minister Charles ‘Max’ Fernandez disclosed this during the post cabinet press briefing.
He was asked how the measures will be enforced.
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Fernandez was also asked how much sand Antigua will be allowed to import from Barbuda.
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As a result of the severe restrictions, the Cabinet is waiving the duty and revenue recovery charge on sand imported from Dominica, Guyana and Montserrat.
The full Antigua and Barbuda Sales Tax will still be charged along with a five-dollar per ton fee. The fee will be handed over to the Barbuda Council to offset the loss of revenue from sand exports.
In 2013 Arthur Nibbs – who is now the Barbuda MP, had estimated that the Council earned about five million dollars a year from sand-mining.
Experts have long-warned that the industry is causing irreversible damage to the island and leaving Barbudans severely vulnerable to storms, tsunamis and climate change.
Over two decades ago the Environment Division advised that sand-mining be severely restricted and ended as soon as practicable.

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