Magistrate orders court to be cleared for case involving ABS reporter

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By Latrishka Thomas

All Saints Magistrate’s Court was cleared out yesterday leaving only police officers, lawyers and the virtual complainant to observe the hearing involving ABS reporter Terry Andrew.

Andrew is charged with breaching a domestic family court order and trespassing.

According to reports, Andrew’s ex-girlfriend was granted an interim protection order against him late last year after he reportedly threatened her.

He allegedly breached the order when he went to the woman’s home sometime last week and trespassed onto her property.

Andrew was granted station bail upon being arrested for the offence.

When he appeared in court on Tuesday, lawyer Andrew O’Kola – who holds an observatory role, known as a watching brief, on behalf of the complainant – objected to Andrew’s bail being confirmed, based on the fact that he is apparently already in serious breach of an order of the court.

Nevertheless, the matter was adjourned to be heard on Wednesday since Andrew’s lawyer Sherrie-

Ann Bradshaw was unable to attend.

Yesterday Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards, before proceeding to address the issue of bail, asked the media and the public to exit the courtroom.

Emanuel-Edwards indicated that her decision was based on section 26 of the Domestic Violence Act which states that “no other person shall be present during the hearing of any proceeding pursuant to the provisions of this Act”.

O’Kola attempted to speak on the matter but was shut down by both the magistrate and Andrew’s lawyer, Sherrie-Ann Bradshaw.

“You have a watching brief…” Bradshaw reminded O’Kola.

The magistrate then invited O’Kola to merely observe the proceedings as per his watching brief.

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